About us.

Ottawa Valley Ambassadors Hockey For the Love of Hockey.

The Great Canadian Game

Hockey is often thought of as a birthright of all Canadian youngsters. Unfortunately, there are some who never experience the thrill of suiting up, lacing on the skates, carrying the puck or shooting at the net. With its increasing focus on performance and physical ability, people with developmental disabilities seldom get the chance to participate in organized hockey. But they can.

Quality Hockey

The Ottawa Valley Ambassadors hockey club has been providing people with developmental disabilities in the Ottawa area with quality organized hockey since 1994. The Ambassadors focus on the heart of hockey – the  love of the game and the challenge to do one’s best.

The program is open to male or female players of all ages who are unable to participate in mainstream organized hockey because of their developmental disability. There are no tryouts – players don’t  need to be able to skate. But they will learn in their own time, and in their own way with the support, care, and confidence of our committed coaching staff.

Every Team Member Counts

And it’s not just about hockey – our athletes learn skills that increase their independence and self-esteem. They learn about teamwork and they learn that they are a valuable and a valued member of the team both on and off the ice. Every team member plays at every practice and every game.

Special Hockey International

The Ottawa Valley Ambassadors Hockey Club is a member of Special Hockey International (SHI) – The Heart League – that is made up of more than 70 clubs from all over North America and Great Britain. One of SHI’s member clubs hosts an International Tournament every year.

Join us!

The Ottawa Valley Ambassadors is a Registered Charitable Organization and is run by a committed volunteer board of directors, with the help of dedicated volunteers.

If you would  like to become involved, we welcome new players and volunteers. If you cannot commit the time,  help us offer this valuable experience to individuals with developmental disabilities by the gift of a tax-deductible donation.